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peony help

Postby stella » 13 Jul 2011 11:07

Hi, I wonder if you can help.

I absolutely love peonies and this year decided to renovate my garden area into a beautiful garden (this was in may and I live in London UK), my first purchase was 2 peony plants.

I hastily planted it and it was doing ok then I needed to move it as I had tree's delivered.

The flower buds it had, dried up and died after the move (which I have looked up and believe its because they do not like to be disturbed)

Its doesn't look happy- no signs of fungal disease just not happy looking and hasn't grown since I bought it.

Having now read about peonies in depth (mostly on you website) I believe again I have planted it is a bag position. It is under an acer- so mostly shaded, I planted 2 plants very close together (as one) and I am not sure if I planted them deeply or not?

I really need to move them either to the opposite side of the garden (that gets sun most of the day except morning)or at least from under the acer tree, divide the 2 plants that I planted together as one and make sure they are not planted too deep.

What do you advise I do?

Your help would be greatly appreciated


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Postby gardening_guru » 16 Jul 2011 20:03

Hello Stella,

I think your plans are fine. I think the Peony plants would be best in full sun and carefully split and planted with plenty of space between them. Dig plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost in the planting holes. And yes, don't plant them too deep.

Because of all the disturbance I think you might suffer in the short term with a lack of flowers but I think the long term positioning of the plants is more important.
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