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Houseplants for low/artificial light areas

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2008 22:55
by BethM
Just a quick question - can anyone recommend any plants that can survive (or even thrive) in very low light areas, or areas that only have artificial light?



PostPosted: 01 Feb 2008 21:56
by gardening_guru
Hello Beth,

Here is a list of houseplants that you could consider for growing in partial or very shaded areas:


If you are to grow these in very shaded areas, you would be best to choose plain green varieties because variegated examples will need some light to maintain the variegation. As with most houseplants, avoid draughts, make sure the rooms are warm enough and most importantly of all try and maintain a decent air humidity by misting regularly or standing pots on trays of damp pebbles.

Hope I have been of some help,

Re: Houseplants for low/artificial light areas

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2012 20:49
by adamsjohn
Hello Beth,

If you want to know more about house plants that can survive in low lights area, try visiting for they can help you when it comes to indoor or house plants. I hope they'll be a help to you.

Re: Houseplants for low/artificial light areas

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2012 03:54
by naomikaka
You can get some ideas from internet. I think it will supply you all needed info about the characteristics of each kinds of lights.