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Lawn Sand

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2010 08:16
by H Cooper
When do I apply lawn sand? Product says "late spring". Is this late April, early May? What would your advice be?

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2010 16:08
by gardening_guru
Are you applying lawn sand to improve the drainage of the turf, maybe a build up of moss? Reason I ask is that you should use a special machine to aerate the lawn first (remove plugs of soil) into which you would brush the lawn sand to improve the drainage. Timing wise, now is fine.

Re: Lawn Sand

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2012 02:48
by naomikaka
I also agree that you should ask for advice from professionals. You should let them check your lawn and they will find a good solution for your lawn.