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lawn turf

PostPosted: 18 May 2011 07:19
by rocketron62
Would you roll new laid lawn turf,and when,could you over water a new laid lawn.

PostPosted: 21 May 2011 20:17
by gardening_guru
Hello Ron,

I would not roll newly laid turf, I would stay off it as much as possible for a few weeks. You could overwater a new lawn if the drainage is poor, it could result in harmful fungal diseases. The secret is in the preparation, getting the drainage right and the surface level before laying the turf/sowing the seed.

Re: lawn turf

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2012 02:09
by naomikaka
My house has an artificial grass lawn and i never over water the lawn because I know it need less water and it helps my family save water so much.