About Us

Welcome to the PlantAdvice.co.uk website, the one stop shop for free advice on all aspects of gardening and general plant care.

Our Aims

We aim to provide a high-quality, easy to use, comprehensive, on-line reference source for all your gardening and plant care needs.

With the wide variety of plants and techniques available, this task will obviously take quite a while to achieve. So as our website slowly grows, like your gardens, please keep visiting us to see how we’re getting on.

Environmental Gardening

Our policy is to promote environmentally friendly gardening with the use of organic gardening techniques and the recycling of gardening and household waste in the garden wherever possible.

Gardening for All

We believe that the appreciation and direct involvement in gardening and gardens should be available to all. To this aim, we promote inclusive gardening for all sections of society; such as engaging children with garden projects from an early age and the provision of sensory gardens for people with mental or physical disabilities.

Your Help

If you have any suggestions as to items you would like to see on our website, or ways in which you think we can improve things, then please let us know.

Free to All

In order to cover our running costs and keep this site free to use, adverts and links to various plant and gardening equipment suppliers can be found throughout our website. While this is necessary to cover our daily running costs, we have tried to keep a balance between these adverts and the content of the website. In amongst these adverts however, we hope that you may also find some useful products and plants to enhance your garden.