Book Review - The Tree & Shrub Expert

Book cover of The Tree & Shrub Expert by D. G.  Hessayon

Inexpensive and well thought out, presenting in-depth information in a concise form.

5 Stars

Publisher: Expert
Published: 1993
ISBN: 0903505177

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It[s not often that one finds a reference book completely lacking in drawbacks, but this is one.

As the label says, The Tree & Shrub Expert is a "complete guide to the selection and care of trees and shrubs for your garden."

The format is extremely informative, acting not only as a quick reference guide but also to expand the reader's knowledge on all aspects of tree and shrub selection and care. It begins with the basics: Do I want a tree or shrub? Do I really know the difference? What shape and size options are there?

It then goes on to provide an easy to use, encyclopaedic reference section for many of the most popular trees and shrubs for amateurs and experts alike. This includes an overview of the plant with colour picture, artist's impressions of leaves, flowers and fruits as well as listing varieties, site and soil, pruning and propagation details.

Towards the rear of the book, Dr Hessayon provides a step by step handbook section describing (with clear illustrations) issues ranging from planting materials and propagation through to techniques and equipment for successful pruning and dealing with pests and diseases.

The charm of The Tree & Shrub Expert is that it manages to provide solid basic information for the novice whilst catering also for the more advanced horticultural aficionado and all without a trace of the all too omnipresent patronising found in works of lesser calibre. And finally, Dr Hessayon even has both Latin and common names listed alphabetically in the index; an all too rare phenomenon!

Gardening Guru's Verdict

Inexpensive and well thought out, 'The Tree & Shrub Expert' deserves a place on the book shelf of anyone with a plot to fill.

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