5 Steps to Make your Garden a Leisure Destination

Bird feeders in gardenAttracting birds to your garden has many benefits

A selection of ideas to help make your garden an even more enjoyable place to be during the summer months.

With Spring hopefully just around the corner, many of us will be getting back out to our gardens. However, as you set about picking pretty new spring flowers and tending the aspects of your garden that are already in place, you may want to consider something else entirely this year: turning your garden into a place to spend leisure time.

Of course, any attractive and well-tended garden can be a great place to spend a few minutes here and there. But truly spectacular gardens can become true outdoor rooms, so long as they have features in place that make them more hospitable for extended stays. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 tips on how to turn your garden from yard space into a pleasant hangout.

1. Garden Props

Garden props and ornaments can help you to add a personal touch to your garden that goes beyond plants and flowers. You can find such props anywhere from perusing your local gardening shop, to browsing online stores such as mysmartbuy.com, and generally there is a great deal of variety in selection. Just like adding art or furniture to a room in your home can make it more welcoming, garden ornaments create a more hospitable outdoor environment.

2. Welcome The Birds

Encouraging wildlife into your garden is extremely rewarding and satisfying. Start by tempting birds into your garden. Birdbaths and bird feeders are both wonderful garden props that bring birds into your garden, which not only improves the natural atmosphere, but also results in free and environmentally safe pest control!

3. Put In Paths

If you have the available space in your garden, consider putting in a path. Even if it's just a few metres long and makes a simple circle through your garden, this change can encourage you and any guests you may have at your home to enjoy the garden in a bit more of a hands-on way. And for a larger home garden, a path can even make for a nice afternoon stroll.

4. Garden Gazebos

Much like props and birdbaths can inspire a more welcoming garden atmosphere, a gazebo can provide what essentially amounts to an entire room placed within your garden! This can be a lovely place to spend some leisure time, or even have an afternoon drink or daytime lunch. Additionally, if you don't want the expense of purchasing and bringing in a gazebo, you could take steps to build you own, as this has become a more popular endeavour for gardeners.

5. Spread Things Out

Finally, to best accommodate other changes, you should think about spreading your garden out if at all possible. This may mean adding a line of trees on either side, putting in a few new beds of plants, etc. There are many ways to improve your garden which may contribute to giving it a more leisurely atmosphere.


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