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Q: Why don't my Daffodils Produce any Flowers?

DaffodilsDaffodils can make a wonderful show in early Spring

You will struggle to find the answer to this question in any text book as most avoid the subject, probably because they are unsure of the real causes. When Daffodils do not produce flowers they are said to be blind. It's not easy to establish what the cause is, but it could be any of the following possibilities:

  1. The site is too shady, Daffodils prefer full sun or light shade.
  2. A high Nitrogen feed has been used in the area where the Daffodils are growing to feed other plants, resulting in excessive leafy growth at the expense of flowers.
  3. The leaves have been cut back prematurely in the previous year. Daffodil leaves should be withered and brown before they are cut back.
  4. There has not been enough rain during the growing season.
  5. There has been too much rain during the period of dormancy. If the soil is waterlogged the bulb will rot.
  6. The clump of daffodils has become congested. Dig up the clump and only replant the best, healthiest bulbs.

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