Build your own Gazebo - Part 2

GazeboA Gazebo is a wonderful place to sit and admire your garden from

It's time to finish what has begun. It is an urgent DIY priority, you need a gazebo.

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You need somewhere to entertain in a cool and cosy atmosphere with 90 degree picture window views of your beautiful flora and fabulous Fengshui layout.

Adding the Floor

Up until now, you’ve probably spent about £150 on materials, a tenth of the retail value of the finished article. Quite a saving. The next purchase should cost you about half as much again from a building suppliers. You need about 60 metres of 1¼ inch thick treated decking and more 2 x 2 inch rough wood to create the frame it will sit on.

First of all create the frame by joining the pairs of opposite upright posts on both sides with lengths of 2 x 2. These should be secured to the posts in pairs using long nuts and bolts. The reason being, as the decking flexes (even given its thickness) a great deal of pressure is placed on these joints and screws would not support the ends.

Once you have these supports in place they should resemble the spokes of a wheel. Don’t be tempted to cut the outside ends at an angle other than 90 degrees as the corners will support the walls. You’ll need to be pretty creative with the joints in the middle and it is best to support this area with strategically positioned bricks or slabs.

The decking is cut to fit between neighbouring uprights. The ends sit on the floor frame and again are cut shorter and angled as you work towards the centre, following the hexagonal theme. It is best to cut all the decking before you secure it with brass headed screws through predrilled pilot holes to the floor frame. It may take some time to get the spacing right, but it is worth the effort. Having got to the middle of mine I ran out of decking (bulk bought for discount) and ended up using an old kitchen work top cut in a very un-hexagonal shape. This goes to show that minor errors compound themselves. But never mind! Home made is always more satisfying even if your carpenter friend smirks.

Fitting Walls

The final construction required  used chip board reclaimed from a neighbour’s skip to create five sides of low wall capped with 2 x 2 inch beams while the remaining Larch lap used for the roof was fitted at angles to screen the gazebo at the rear. The lot was weatherproofed with fence care.

Finishing Touches

A fast growing creeper up one post and dried Chinese lanterns hanging from the ‘key’ of the roof within helped amalgamate the structure with the living garden. Furniture can be bought for silly money at a DIY store or sensible money at an auction dealing with house clearances. Our gazebo's oak table and chairs cost less then a bag of super market shopping!

Now sit down and enjoy!

This article was written by Joe Munford.


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