Glossary of Gardening Terms: A - Z


Descriptions of common gardening terms and phrases…



Plant type

A plant that retains at least some of itís foliage during the whole calendar year.


Flower part

A petal-like structure under the flower petals. Usually green but sometimes modified and colourful.


A type of bract

Glossary item image for Spathe
A type of bract, often fleshy and hood like. Example, the yellow spathes of Lysichiton americanus.


Spontaneous production of unusual plant material

A sport is when a plant produces foliage or a flower that differs in character from the norm. E.g. colour or variegation. The resulting flower or leaf is described as a sport. Many cultivated plants are the result of propagation from sport plant material.


Male part of a flower

The Stamen is the male reproductive part of a flower, usually consisting of an Anther and a Filament.