Glossary of Gardening Terms: A - Z


Descriptions of common gardening terms and phrases…



Group of flowers

Glossary item image for Inflorescence
The term used to describe a group of flowers. There are many types of inflorescene, each one different because of the way the flowers are arranged around the main flower stem. Tiny flowers are often so tightly packed together in an inflorescene that they resemble a single flower. The inflorescene type for the Crocosmia pictured is a spike. The Catkin is another example of an inflorescene.


Branches of two trees growing together

Inosculation is a natural process where the branches of two trees grow together, almost like self grafting.


Between two nodes

Glossary item image for Internode
A node is the the area on a stem (often swollen) at which point a leaf, leaf bud or shoot will emerge. The internode is simply the area between two nodes. It is a term often referred to when propagation advice is give, a nodal cutting is taken directly below the node where there is most hormonal activity. An internodal cutting is taken in the internode region. In the photo below you can clearly see the internodal area between the two right-angled shoots.